Diploma in English

The Regent Institute Diploma in English program is focused on providing young adults Intermediate level English language proficiency in terms of both theoretical and practical application of the language. Special emphasis is given to building competencies to communicate in English by preparing/training them on how to speak in different contexts and situation.


Course Overview

Duration : 3 months
Award     :  Diploma in English

A comprehensive framework for a General English Language course with a more holistic approach to applying language skills across speaking and language contexts for practical purposes in the modern day context.

In depth: The course structure and contents are in alignment with a combination of elements from A1 (Beginner’s & Elementary levels), A2 (Pre-intermediate level), and B1 (Intermediate level) levels of language study, pertaining to the common European framework. The course primarily comprises 3 key modules which will span across several written and spoken exercises in class- Tutorials will be provided for all modules with the expectation of students practicing the art of note taking, specifically in module 2 and 3.

Modules Covered

Module 1
 Grammar and basic writing skills- Theoretical module
Objective: To provide students with a basic study of English grammar for spoken and written purposes

Module 2
 Vocabulary & Thematic contexts
This module aims at aiding students to improve competence in communicating in English across a multitude of day to day real life contexts pertaining to specific thematic concerns. It also aims at encouraging creative self-expression in speech and writing.

Module 3
 Functional & Structural aspects of language
An extension of module 2, module 3 which has a theoretical and practical approach which aims at enabling students to use more structural formats of language aspects such as phonological nuances, also incorporated with conversational practice.